You can say, Berlin, Paris, London or any other city is the capital of Europe. But it’s just empty word without any meaning. This is what we will do in Poland and in Warsaw that will be really center, and not only in Europe. This will be the center of a new world – a new era. You can read it in different predictions. Some people may not in it all believe. Let’s try to look at the events that have taken place in the history of the Europe and especially this area. downloadKing Stanislav August Poniatowski forwarded Poland to Germany, Russia and Austria-Hungary. He himself, then, he was in Grodno (now Bielorus). I visited this city, perhaps for good reason. Next step in history, interesting for various reasons it was Communism. Communists have done an unsuccessful attempt to change the world. We can not criticize it. It was necessary. It was also necessary separation of Poland from communism. descărcare (1)Jozef Pilsudski has done its job. If he did not do it, no one could now move on to the next stage which is my project. Here you can analyze different situations that happened in the history and come to the conclusion that everything was needed and as if programmed in a computer somewhere out there beyond our planet, in the computer of God. The conclusion from this analysis is simple. It must be the next step – that my project that I am still working on. Subsequently there are different elements that have to present to you here. It seems to me that this time I’m already very close to starting the project. Today I switched to, I guess, the final stage needed for starting the project. The king Stanislav moved away, so now I would be able to start the next stage, which will take Poland to the heights of the world. I am counting on the support of these countries, which participated in the partition of Poland. Especially I count on the support of Germany and Russia. Germany reached the high level of development but it is still not enough and there are, for what the Germans are waiting. Russia with its failed communism also waiting impatiently for the next stage, where I will lead. These two countries have to help me to get out into the arena of the future Kingdom of Europe and Russia. But the problem is that these two countries are always waiting for others, like USA, UK, and so on. What can I do? I try to continue this explanation and it will be continued!images (12)
Center will be indeed main center, the heart, the brain, the central control computer not only for Europe and KERKG but other continents. The center is not only the radiation of a new religion. It will be actually the computer managing all major operations. Companies will be subordinated, leased by the Center. Center sends commands to companies controls the company. There are no auctions. Companies receive commands implementation of various tasks, projects, and ways of doing. Center selects a job to do for the company and chooses the company to do given project. There is a complete order. Instead of freedom, uncontrolled development in the jungle, development controlled in the garden of God. Instead of fighting for survival in the jungle and destroy other companies care of company, employee, man. The transition to a system of care, gardening. All information about the human being, about family, about the company, about the needs and problems, about the possibilities and abilities. Analysis of various problems and constructing ensembles, new companies, to work, to solve these problems, thanks possessed databases about opportunities available and the needs of regions and people. Much of this information is already on the Internet. You only need to organize the control system and create a a way of using that information. We do not take anyone anything. We take it only on lease from the owners. Will be possible, after some time to pay them back, and then the company will go on property of the Center. It will not be public property, as it was in Communism. The center is not a private company, as it is now. The center is something that manages the development of the regions, ensembles, states, people and looks after all, as a gardener. descărcareCenter will replace the EU and further will replace the states, which will be connected, linked in a single unit, under the one control of the Center. Center will not be ruled by any parliament, which decides whom to give or not to give money. The Center is also the place of the new religion, new laws, new faith, something pure, which is able to make decisions in accordance with God’s law. No corruption, no lies, no stealing. The center is a place for the analysis of opportunities and needs of each area. For example, the Center will transfer data from the area to the project teams, which will produce the needed projects. Center will have their own people, controlling tasks outsourced to companies, the people of the new religion, without corruption and other bad habits. Principles of a new religion will develop, will be modified in the Center, as well as the principle of management, control, etc. Center will take over on lease farms from their owners and will managed them, just like companies, design offices and other units that employ people. The units will be modified, concatenated, divided, converted in accordance with the projects of the Center. There will be nothing like communism, where everything was shared and to capitalism, where firms are the property of individuals. The center is the Tower to God and God’s governor can only be the King. So, everything will be the property of God – God’s Garden. Communists did not believe in God. Lost their way completely. That which they owned, managed people without education. Everything was common so you could steal, etc. They could hear the bells ringing, but did not know in which church. Churches were a lot and they did not go to any. It was difficult to chose. In the Center will be one religion for all. One owner of the garden – God. It will not be anything like Communism, nothing like the jungle, which we have now in Europe and elsewhere. In the heaven no one will steal. If someone is healthy and wants to get something has to give something back to God – for example, can work. If someone steals something can be banished from paradise Adam and Eva. God cares for all, especially sick people, children, the young and the old. Everyone will have work in accordance with his education and skills. Life needs will be met. With the development of KERKG, the development will be fast, these needs will be catered to a greater level. What’s going on now, we see ourselves. This is bad. People who worked whole life living in poverty. Unemployment, the human tragedies. The current system is bad and you need to replace it with this new project. We can further analyze the advantages of the new system. I believe that I have presented at this point what is most import_ant. End of the jungle and wildlife rules. End of discontent. End of diseases, terrorism and other bad things.Owners of businesses use to the work other people. images (1)They have in this way their own slaves. Of course they give them for it some money for a living. But it is quite the same thing as a work of slaves on the plantations. Slaves also got the livelihoods from their owners. Slavery, in contrary to what you might think, has not been eliminated, but I’ll do it in KERKG. There will be not business owners with slaves. Everyone will be working in companies belonging to God. The only ruler can be only God. Nobody has the right to have slaves. There will be very fast development in KERKG. It will not be what it was under communism and is now in capitalism. The communist idiots did not promote those who were better than others, and so communism went to the bottom of history. In KERKG all those who can do something better, faster, more accurately will be taken into care. It will be real Garden of God – Paradise.images (4) Just like in a garden the tree, which gives fruit, is well kept so that gave them again, the same those who will provide something for the needs of others in a better way will have everything what they desire. They will have the properties, vehicles, aircrafts, etc. They will not have slaves, but they will be looked after by other people. For example, a director who makes films better than others will receive compensation for this higher than it is now under capitalism. The artist more popular than others will have more. Similarly, the manager of a construction company, which can increase the speed, modernize, better organize the production will be a lot better rewarded than now. Similarly, those who will work out new technologies, introduce a more excellent work organizations, inventors and others like this, they will have a lot more than they can now dream of. The principle will be such that if your work give something that will satisfy the needs of others in larger quantities, better will receive more. For example singer, whose is listen by more people, satisfy this way the need for more people than others, will also received more. You can further here all the advantages of the new system analyze. There will be no lockout by others, as it is now. Those who come to the estates, mafias, blocking the road for new better then they and better have to be at the bottom and suffer. This is just low of jungle where new plants can not go to the very top. In this way, being on the top, bearing in the hands all, I will be able to do everything that is and has always been a dream of mankind. The new religion liberate slaves from bondage of all existing religions which have no sense in the garden of God – in Paradise. descărcare (3)My dream is that finally everybody understand, not only Linda, beautiful girl from China. What I will do it will not be as in China. They will learn from me. China imitate theory of communists, which was wrong. Something they corrected, but it can not be so easy to fix. I was born on January 21. Lenin died on January 21. But it will not be a continuation of communism what I will do. I will show them and others how it can be done. It will be a great demonstration of how it can be done differently and achieve this, which exceeds many times the biggest dreams of of people. When we will start? I do not know. What we need more to explain? We will see soon.