Movement of people in searching of jobs, a better life, happiness. What does it mean? We know! This is bad. Mass migration from Asia to various countries of the world. Migration from other parts of the world. Religious differences. Creating a separate segregated groups in different European countries. It is not the way to the development of the world. A complete mess. No one is in control of the situation. No safety.Migrating from countries where wars are ongoing, the struggle for power. The medieval system, the jungle – freedom of development and freedom for all, also for the development of diseases, lack of control, lack of any regulation. No one is in control of the situation. Americans who could indeed help me to start this project to organize items, cleaning the disk and the computer would work great, they can not help me, because they led to the enormous freedom for diseases. There is no from all this easy way out. AIDS could not help. I can help, but I do not know how it will start and when. I am tired, I need normal life, not the prison, what prepared for me secret services. Russians are waiting on the others. I do not know what’s happening to them. They were the first in space and now are last in everything. Imitate others and nothing more. Poland, where came out of the Catholic Pope. Nothing did , because it still was not the time, but it is anyway the signal. Later, theatrically designed actions of Solidarity, Walesa, Jaruzelski and others. They wanted to be in the vanguard. And now, what’s next with Poland. I was born there and I’m ready for the next action. It will be no longer theater. About this know, people around the world. But, when we launch this project! We look forward to Poland. Poland is waiting for information from the outside. So waited before with its theater with Walesa and Solidarity. What was before in history, it was preparation for the ordering of hard disc that will manage the development of the world. It’s time to get something done for the world really important. Enough of this theater and show that it is OK in the world. Everybody can see that it is wrong and we need to do what it is needed to be done. One of the problems to be solved is – migration of jobs to the people, not the migration of people to work. It’s a very simple solution. You have to take control of it all. Are needed to these elements, which provides project. What is needed is security and other elements, and the unification of Europe with Russia. Then, as on your computer control of all that and planning, not wild freedom. Conversion the jungle in the garden – paradise! With computer databases and the characteristics of the people of the land, their education, skills, interests, family situation, and a lot of other data, we can design a workplace for them, in particular, or any other area. Here it will be workplace for new designers. All are closely interconnected. There is no randomness. All items solved. Everything would happen, as envisaged by the draft. And so will be in other areas of life. No matter whether someone likes it or not! We have no choice and we will not ask for permission. Someone prefers jungle and freedom of life among diseases, no job and no future, with the broken families in crisis, on the street, without food. Everything has to be programmed to the smallest detail. Freedom is when you have everything and you can choose from. Does not is freedom situation when you’re on the street, looking for a job. With this freedom you can quickly say goodbye by suicide. We’ll get to such a stage that we will know where we go after death on Earth.And we can not continue system of freedom the jungle, because they will start getting mass suicide! The signals that we have – a crisis, emigration, killings, diseases, wars, outdated religions and all the evil that we see in the jungle, forcing us to react. And what are we doing? We look at it all as idiots! Americans, Russians and especially Europe, as freezing, I had no help from them! And how do you feel there in the winter, which came after the summer. In the autumn I wanted to leave. And here is already winter in Europe. What’s next