Moses, Jesus, Mohamed and others noticed what were the rules designed by as we call God. These were just the rules of life on Earth and rules of contact with what is out of our life. Analysis, to which they were able in those days people corresponded to their times of life. People with even low levels of knowledge are able to determine certain dependencies. Generally speaking, if we do something wrong, we are punished. We do not want to be punished and that is why we are looking for something that would help us understand. Some people read the Bible and begin to analyze their behavior. Rumored to be some help. They want to live better. They go to church, and it also helps them. We want to have no problems. Why it is punishment for us if we do something bad? There are some rules. Like in sport game. If we have no rules we are animals. But if we play fair that means we are over this. It means that sport is something great, something what we can compare with rules of God. From sport we can learn, why we need rules. If we had no rules it would be nothing , it would be no competition, Only competition can make you go forward in your life, can make you happy, if you win. This is a meaning of life. The beauty of the human body. The same situation at work. You have to be better then others. This is the reason why you need to study and then to solve problems better. If you get something insidiously, with the help of bribes or in any other way, you should be removed from the game. The same rules are outside of our planet. Fair play. It should not be accepted other play. Because this is only way we can go forward with development and everything. This is about behavior that can be accepted by something outside our life. If you start to play unfair you should be taken off from the game. There are more rules that Jesus could not notice. Behavior in sex. Gays are now everywhere. We are different men and women. If you want to create new kind of people and make other people to accept it, this is very bad for the Earth! There are other rules for people in other areas of life. Jesus and others wanted to fix the rules. As we can see now it is not working. We have a lot of sick people and no rules. This something what controls our life on the Earth is not happy. People do not want to be transformed in something more then animals are. Freedom and not punishment can not influence and change the situation. Why we love westerns. Let’s take for example what I like – Magnificent Seven, Rio Bravo, Vera Cruz. Sporting duel with the rules. No shot in the back deceitfully, animal way. David and Goliath. Something I think is in our blood, so we are born already. Something in us gives proof that we come to Earth with these principles. Thus, we can conclude that these rules exist beyond Earth. What happen with us on Earth? We learn falsehood, endorse corruption and other badly. What does it mean? We can not go back, with this whole shit there, from where they sent us clean. But also, what we call God already has enough of this. More and more came back there with Earth’s shit. There certainly have some place where they are cleaning. But it already exceeds acceptable limits. On Earth, it is more and more people. I can assume without much error, that 90% is dirty in shit. These are different kinds of shit. For example, gay – the transformation of something natural in some sort of a new species of human being. Whoever accepts this metabolism and does not protest, it’s like moving in a stench, and getting use to it. Soon, that someone gets used to the smell so that he begins to dabble in shit. It’s like a beggar, or the one who looks in trashcans. People do not know what to do with the rapid population growth. Especially this is evident in India. Indians move to Europe in searching of living space. Pakistan – the same problem. I believe that Quinn Elizabeth will help me! In China, the situation is a little better, but are also scared. Artificial way to stop population growth is another crime on Earth. It is no coincidence that the Hindu theory – Avatar came to me in connection with the American film. Where can fly people unclean, in the shit. Only to purgatory. Therefore, the gate is closed. Technologies are stopped and so called God does not allow for the development of technology. Everything is stopped. He is waiting for our move. We have to do a purgatory on the Earth. And it is precisely this project, which is ready for development on Earth and there where it is already provided for in the history of the Earth. If this is done, the door will be opened. Will happen very fast development. We obtain these solutions, which are currently only called the science fiction. And this project is considered to be something incredible. But we have to execute this project. Spaces in Russia are prepared for this, waiting. All, I say about, will be done. Knights of the Cross and the Sword will be the army, which will take care of searching unclean people and sending them to purgatory on Earth, in the center of Russia, in Siberia. Additional centers will arise a little later in Canada and perhaps in Greenland.
I have found in Internet some images for purgatory. This is something what I have not expected. Photo of this like a pyramid thing is very similar to what I have in my project. Then this star like Russian star is just very close to my idea – this is going to be all in Russia.Then the map with a Purgatory name. This is very similar to the place in Siberia where I want to build this structure like a pyramid going to the haven, to the God. Next photo is Ice Purgatory. It is something about cold area where it will be done everything.Next photo is with western. This is what I have written about and the name of the film is Purgatory. Is this all coincidence. No, because this is normal in my life in my life, things like this. What we call God gave for Moses and Jesus just like signals. They wanted to to make something and they had God help. The things were amazing people could not believe. I do not know to much about Muhammad. He just learned from Jewish and Jesus information and developed we can say laws of God. This is of course very old and we will change a lot from this in Islam and in other religions. This way we will have quite new religion that will be accepted by everybody. We have to do it and now, just to help people. I did not call it purgatory but now after some analyzes I see it exactly like this. We were born clean recourse we came from some area outside the Earth where there are rules of how we call it God. I have signals from let it be God and I feel almost like Moses or Jesus. I am sure that I we manage it. And we have information in Hinduism and other sources of information just confirmation of this. But when I will star it? Purgatory on Earth – it will not be anything so terrible, it will not be anything that shows up in different stories. It will not be the end of the world, as they present it. It’s the end of the era of Jesus. The beginning of a new era. Part of this project, without which nothing can be done, is a connection of Europe with Russia in a strong structure. It can not be any union. It must be a kind of kingdom, ruled from one place. Otherwise, nothing will come of it. Changes are serious and require just such a solution, how I present in a variety of articles, which you can find on the Internet just searching using Google and writing Wieslaw Edward Loboda.