On 06/12/13 5:51 AM, Saeed xxxxxi wrote:
Hi dear Wieslaw
what is the aim of this group? and what are the discussion subjects?

Dear Saeed,

The aim of the group is creation of Kingdom of Europe and Russia. The aim is revolution in almost every area of life on this planet. So the aim is transformation the jungle into the garden, garden of God – Paradise. No more crisis, no more unemployment. Controlled capitalism, new religion, transformation, replacement, separation, treatment, help, love. Very fast development, inventiveness. Detachment from the Earth, exit from the Middle Ages, exit from the era of the animals to the era of people who come closer to God – outside the Earth. This is going to be very interesting discussion as you can see. I will mange this project with help of God and with belief, acceptance, agreement of people like you. I am going to start it very soon. What I need now is more publicity for the project. If there are some proposals we can discuss it. I do not want and not accept statements like – it is not possible, it will never happen. I know that I am supported by something, what is outside the earth, something, what we call God (Allah). God is waiting for us. This God will open for us the gates to the new knowledge, new technologies, to the new happy life. God will show us the way to the other planets. But we need to do what I will design with his help. Our knowledge will be continuously developed. Nothing will be finally closed. We’ll cross the boundaries faster and faster! Very quickly in the direction of God. Man is a creature that develops during the whole of his life. That is why we are here on this website, among educated people who still are developing their skills. And this will be the style, development of everything. Nothing accidental! We will not wait, not knowing what will be born in the jungle. We will stimulate, aid, develop. We will open the borders for business, take off the barriers. We will protect what is healthy and treat what is sick in isolation, so that the virus will not destroy everything. Impurity must be moved outside the area, where exist that what is pure! Enough mess and waiting for a new disease. Enough waiting for the bomb, terrorist attack, flood, earthquake and other things in the jungle. Everything has to be known before! Just as it was known before what we will do just now. I think it is enough for now. We will continue as nothing will be finished from this moment. Future will give us always new directions. What we have now is the direction to the destruction to the, as we call it, hell. And this the reason why we are here. We have to change direction.
This is the only continuation of the history of the world. This group is most important of this website and any other in internet.
Wieslaw Edward