What is the most important, factor in destructive, virus, bacterium, which leads to a total destruction. This element is without no doubt corruption. Corruption is not just giving and taking bribes, the fraud, a lie for money. You are buying qualifications – already in all universities today. The less candidates, the less you have to learn in August to get the paper. I will not further explained the principles of classification of different universities in the west. From all this, walk out half-wit, to whom, of course, it is not reaching what I am speaking. I have finished the best universality in Poland, but it is not anywhere in the classification. It was only when working in Alstom demonstrated that I know more than others. I was released in response. Because it’s not about that you know more. You have to sit there. Nothing to do. Obey. Somehow everything is going, limping, but the money is. Corruption on a grand scale gives this wonderful peace and certainty for business. Communism once was criticized for it. And now that’s all we see in capitalism. Stagnation. Fraud. Designate its peaceful manager. He knows everything. He knows that it needs to act like this because the money is. It’s their man. Just as in communism, they were own people, committed to the cause, comrades. They shown me in Switzerland, at the meeting, the draft of power plant. All badly thought out. After the conference, I flew from it all, to Moscow, rather than London. Wanted to meet with uninteresting girl. And in this way, I lost the job and big money. But it had to be. Like everything in the history of Europe and Russia. Nothing should be ever analyze and talk – if Hitler did it, that would be won. Hitler had to lose, because that was God’s plan. New Germany, fighting to keep the EU, must understand the historical moment and give me support. Russia, I think, understands everything, and this support I will get from them. There’s nothing to wait. You have to do everything the way I have planned and continue explain, for the dark mass of the animal, which still wants to stay in the world of animals. Yes it is good. Do not want to change. Pig also does not want to change but moment comes of its killing. This moment comes now. This is the announced End of the World. What are you still wish to extend. On what you count. You think that God will have mercy for animals like you. So you are teached by your religion. Nothing give your prayers. You can just pray that I have managed to enter the project. Only this prayer will be answered. This does not mean that I will have mercy for you. The project is a project, and you can undo nothing. If something starts to change I will not take the lead. Because I will lose like others lost in history. It is now I am speaking to the Poles, who will serve as a center of everything. Most corrupted people in Europe. They do not like it. But they will. I promise. The place – the historical Jewish cemetery is a place designated by God. From God, angel crest, with a cross and the sword, with the Star of David in the center. A complete mess. Corruption is a lie, which accompanies everything. Corruption in religion, in showing statistics (unemployment, crime and everything else). Corruption is in the family, in relationships between people, at work, on the street, in the transportation, construction ( how bad look – roads and buildings controlled by corrupted representatives of the investors). Corruption is everywhere. Corruption is in art, in theater, in film (Please show me some good movie, show me the new good actors, show me a good book). Lie causes the disappearance of all human feelings. These are not people. These are animals that are not guided by any emotions, have no ambition. There are no feelings in the movies, because you can not feel. There are only a murders, detective investigations. Dogs looking for food rather than love or something else. Animal life stripped of everything. It’s really the End of the World. Everything is a lie-selling for money. We all get used to it. Treat it as something normal, everyday life. It is simply a form of life of today’s world of the jungle, that created the quest for food – money. No one has ambition. They do not care apart of looking for a food. People – animals (different types of animals – pigs, cows, wild animals, many species). A small number individuals raised a little different, they are then consumed by individuals infected with a lie. After an explanation, I think, no one surprise, the Norwegian went out into the streets and shot. Moreover, is not he first did it. Love for money. The screenplay, which can be sold. Do not script, which will give something new. Stagnation. What people like? Murder. We do disgusting movie. The more disgusting the better it will be sold. To top it all, has led corruption. And in all this Catholic religion sits quietly, counting on it that I will not come to power and they will not be eliminated. God would have had no conscience and would left you completely. Complete disappearance of everything that is human. God has no choice. Either we will treat it all – we replace the jungle, in a controlled reserve or … Either we will implement my project – Kingdom of Europe and Russia – Kingdom of God or God will have to deal with this otherwise – destroy all that. He can do this in many different ways. How can you live without feelings, without love. Enter into more serious disease – in homosexuality, drugs, crime, murder. Accept in Poland lie and say that it’s normal. President Obama approves gay marriage. There is nothing real for what one could live. That all can not be mastered without the solution, which I presented to you. We are uniting Europe with Russia, because there are no other possibilities. We need Russia. Without Russia can not cure. Expanding the European Union with all new members will not help. The situation only worsens. Germany already have enough of it all. Protest. Am not surprised. If you can not change anything then let it do the new Hitler. In addition the crisis exacerbates the gravity of the situation. We need once again enter the Teutonic Knights – Knights of the Cross and the Sword. We need to have it all mastered – to restore your faith in man and God. But it will be very hard to stand for you. He will prepare something for you.