Poland, the country built on a Jewish cemetery. Country of animals steeped in corruption, anti-Semitism and other diseases. Country, in which, as in other countries, there are many homosexuals and drug addicts. Country of animals, whose one of the ways of life is to deceive others, to take revenge in a manner treacherous and other ugly things. Polish pigs – so used to call them German soldiers during the Second World War. Poles fought despite losing insidiously attacking and killing Germans in various conditions. The attacks on the streets. The bombs in cafes, etc. This was similar to the terrorist attacks what we face now. Fight unfair. Have lost – you have to accept. You can fight but openly when you’re ready for this. Poles after the war changed but for the worse. These animals profane Jewish cemetery. Jews left, forced to do so. Those who have remained had to change the the names and up to now hide their origin. In this way are safe. God has planned the country’s history. The Nazis did it hell – the death camps. Since this country we must start. Need to make the order in the reserve of lies, hate and religion, which it supports. These animals suffer. Emigrate to other countries searching for a place for themselves. And after all there is no war like in Afghanistan or elsewhere. Why are leaving? Curse of history? Europe opened the door for these sick people. 38 millions is a serious number, which can interact to Europe in a very bad direction. Need to protect Europe. Need to to start the change. Otherwise, from the heart of Europe come hell, which will destroy everything. Already at this time, the corrupt patterns, lie, and other components are adapted by the countries of the Eastern bloc. The infection reached its limits. For these countries, Poland is the model. It must be stop. Lie has to replace the truth. Animals transform into people. I am counting on the support of Europe. Germany, which so care for the European Union not die, can really regret, that the door has been opened. Will be to late. Will suffer bigger defeat than in the Second World War. I have to start the project this year. Before the winter. I know what you need. You need confirmation from God. It is up to Him. Maybe it will be really total destruction. But it is your choice. I do not care!!!!! How we will manage it all? First of all, the truth. Close the way for lies, corruption, murder, theft, homosexuality, and a few other things. Who exceed the limits will be closed transported to treatment centers in Russia. We will not close the road for alcohol, stimulants, and even drugs. These things you can do not stop immediately. Country is not a prison, where nothing can. We will have detailed information, of all individuals in reserve. We will be aware of their diseases, needs, abilities, skills. We will have the exact numbers of patients, the unemployed, invalids, etc. In this way we will be able to manage, maintain its balance. There will be no deception here and hide the truth. We have to know what’s going to be able to manage and have the order in the reserve. We shall not be Polish wild animals, which think only about the food for them and not the people thrown out of the brackets, which they have designated. Animals are not interested in the number of unemployed who do not have work for over twenty years. Fired from the communist factories, now taken over by the Polish wild animals, they left their families, are living on the street. We get a daily soup in a metal bowl. Like dogs wander through the streets of big cities. Warsaw, Wroclaw, Poznan, Krakow. I have precise data. I met with them several times. This is the truth about Poland. For night they go to, so-called, dormitory for the homeless. It is a cellar, where you get dirty mattress, and verminous blanket to cover (Wroclaw). There are thousands in Poland. When they go to a dormitory, they are registered. Managers dormitory, fill the exact questionnaire about them. The Polish government has to know how much they are dangerous for Polish animals. Many of them are spending the nights in the streets. These are not people, they are dogs. Poland has made these people dogs. Dogs must be transformed in people. They will also be relocated to Russia, where they get a job and will be treated. Having connected by Europe and Russia, we will be able to move, separate groups and create balance in the reserves. Balance is peace, order. Nobody will steal, kill and deceive others. Everyone should be happy with life. The Earth is not hell. Hell full of hate, anti-Semitism, homosexuality and people who want to die, rather than live. The Earth is a paradise. To this we need to lead and quickly. And we will do it with the Star of David on the Sword and the Cross, with our Arms. Order of Teutonic Knights will do it – the Knights of the Cross and the Sword.