Nobody can be the owner of land or that which is permanently associated with it. Can be the owner of what comes out of it. You can not be the owner of the house; you can not get out of ground. You can not be the owner of, roads, railways, telegraph pole, river, swimming pool, tunnel, bridge with foundations and other things placed in the ground. You can not be the owner of a child. You can not be the owner of a dog, a cat, a cow, a horse and other living beings. You may be the owner of the milk, which gives the cow. You can not be the owner of the plant, which lives. You may be the owner of the fruit, which it gives. You may be the owner of movable property – non-living things. What do the money? It means to eat more, and lie on the beach. Ideals cease to play a role in human life. Got to the point that with the money is bought ones fame and blocked the path to fame others. That brings us to something abnormal. This is not true, not athletic behavior, not what should create human life. If food forms everything, we are not people. We are, shall we say openly, pigs. We are pigs, fed in a pigsty. World not only is not a paradise, but it is smelly, dirty dung, in which we live together with other pigs. In the pigsty there are no ideals. The only ideal is a food for pigs. One pig gives money to another pig, that had done for her, some swine task. Thus, no longer people, but pigs, rule the world. We need to restore humanity. We need to restore faith in God, what distinguishes us from the animals. The animal does not believe in God. As long as you are pigs, you’ll be at a low level of development. Our development is stopped. Pigs do not want anything besides food. Capitalistic world has to come out from the world of pigs and enter the next phase, which will lead us to flights outside earth. And how to do it. You have to change the mentality of a pig. Food, money is not the most important in your life. Pig could understand something of it if we gave her freedom. We keep her in the cage. We keep and feed her like the capitalist jungle feeds us. They make us be pigs. Teach us that we were real pigs in future. Then infect us with homosexuality. We are already worse than pigs. Not know who we are. We go out into the streets and shoot to everything what is bad. And we have right. Everything is bad! As the poor Norwegian! No I’m not, here, now, to show further details. What I’m doing is more important than anything else and what ever was in history. Believe me. I’m prepared for it all by God and appointed by him country Poland, which he also to this used. Germany has always helped me. And now I am counting on their historic turn in my direction. They know, but are afraid. That which was executed by Hitler was also controlled by God. I know that the Germans now afraid to do anything. So it had to take place to Stalin came to the Berlin and destroyed all the German nonsense. Was born Germany – the new Germany. I was born. Let’s go back to war again. God has provided them in costumes, with some elements of hell. Look what happened. Who did not know how to pray was killed in a terrible way, in the death camp in Poland. Now, I go out with my new emblems (Star of David), introduce the new order. I will eliminate Catholic Church, which does not meet already for a long time its God’s holy role. I do it with a German Pope. Can you imagine this? Can you imagine the history sense? We do not transform the capitalist jungle into the garden. Forget about it. None can change the jungle into the garden. If we would like to do it it would be necessary to destroy the jungle. Just like Germans razed to the ground Warsaw during World War II. The gardens ad paradise we will create in Russia. What we can do is to keep the jungle as reservations. Institutions dealing with refugees in Moldavia organized a trip to a nature reserve in Moldavia. Now I know why God organized it for me. I comprehended the principle on which they maintain, nurture something that is close to extinction, total annihilation and liquidation. Farmer cuts a forest and assumes garden. In this way destroys everything that was there in the forest, animals, plants, the earth is empty. That we can not do at this time with capitalistic jungle. Apply the principle of not killing but change, healing the living units, the jungle animals, that are living in capitalistic jungle, we would have to deport it all to treatment centers in Russia and capitalistic cities razed to the ground. We have no choice. We have to leave the jungle, developed into reserve, which is under control. This reserve will be under the control of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Control of the reserve, covers everything. All items are checked. Measurements of temperature, other climatic measurements and checking the development of animals and plants. Move on to examples. Control of human diseases, deviations from nature. Search homosexuals, drug addicts, thieves, and people dangerous, aggressive towards other people. The analysis of operation, the different forms of jungle life. This will, for example, control of fair competition. Fair competition is generally not possible in the jungle. This wild jungle animals, not people. How can you wild animals, teach the rules existing in the sport. In the circus, even lions are trained. You can, then, say that everything is possible but under the control of trainer. Trainer will be the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Applying the principles of control used in the reserve, we can analyze how to maintain the capitalist jungle in Europe. Generally, it will be about the diseases and the deformations from nature of human beings. Our task is to maintain the existence of the human race. We can not allow the metabolism of people, into something different, something deformed, hideous, ill. This sick will replace the normal man. This sick will be lead on in Parliaments ruled in companies. Just like ruled, within the English Company – Savant, I worked with in Kazakhstan at the construction of the center of the Asian Winter Olympics Games. We will give jungle and its animals to live in the reserve. But we need to reign, to control. For example the development of homosexuality must be stopped. Permission for further development of this will lead to the liquidation of everything. In what way it will be removed. God will find his terrible, the ultimate way – see, for example, Sodom and Gomorrah. This may sounds as a joke, for those who do not believe in God, but in themselves only. Communists did not believe in God and they lost. But that was the phase in history, and it had to be. The element of faith in God is decisive for the development of the World. Therefore, this part of my project plays a decisive role. Jungle can not believe in God. Located in the jungle you lose faith in everything. You lose faith not only in God but in yourself. You are powerless. Going out into the streets and you shoot, because you have nothing to lose. Lost faith and hope in everything. You do not want to live in this world and in this environment. You do not believe that anything can be changed. You take drugs and die. You give yourself for a homosexual, because you already do not want to be normal. You see beggars around, sickness, hunger. You ask – how God allows it. God does not allow that. It all starts to be so ugly that you can no longer look at it. That is God who is showing it for you from a different point of view. Brings you to the point where you begin to get acquainted with my project and you start to believe that this is the only way to continue the historical direction. That’s why he sent me here, to explain it to you. I do it in stages, while analyzing, comparing. Until the autumn, when it will happen, the announced end of the World . This is precisely the end of the World. The end of the old and the beginning of a new one. Let us return to the analysis of the reserve, which will be the next step, historical, for the capitalist jungle. As we told ourselves we can not destroy it. We want it to leave but in a new form, controlled by the reactivated German order of knights, with little changed, crest, on the coats. We know how dangerous is the uncontrolled development of a single species. For example, locusts eat everything, and leave eaten away empty field. In the reserve you need to keep the biological balance. And that’s the rule. Imbalances may be different. Consecutively can be analyzed. Corruption, unemployment and other items. Imbalances may be different. Consecutively can be analyzed. Corruption, unemployment and other items. So, for now we have to leave the jungle, as a reserve, which is controlled by the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Like all reserves, after some time it will die. In the future , everything will be razed to the ground and will be created something completely new. This new we will start to build in Rosjii, on a completely empty areas. This will not be a jungle. It will be a garden – a paradise. The new will not born anything contrary to a man and nature. This new will not be the wild nature. This new will be subordinated to a man. Just as today, a man inside the capitalistic jungle city assumes gardens and parks. Here you will have whole city as a garden. The jungle man chooses some random places and then organizes asylum – botanical garden or something like that. This new, this will not be only construction of the city. This new style will be a new life, compatible with divine laws and ordered nature. This new, will not be spontaneous, accidental, without the possibility of recognition, what will born in the future. Designed development of the city from the very beginning. Freedom but controlled. This will not be anything like the current mess, which we have in the jungle. Man finishes his studies and does not work. Finishes studies and can not assume the family. Finishes studies and hates country like Poland. Feels cheated. Lost, spits on that country. He sees everywhere only the bad things. Also because there is no good things in Poland. You have to tell yourself openly. Corruption is a normal thing in Poland and other countries of the Eastern bloc. It is normal that you have to give a bribe to arrange matters in the Government offices. The Government knows that they will take bribes. They get therefore lower salaries. So says my friend Michael, who spins in these circles and has information. Homosexuals admit openly that they are homosexuals. It came to this, that President Obama must agree to their marriage. In the hostel in Wroclaw, at night, two homosexuals had sex in front of my bed. Then one of them tried to engage the student, who was the second witness of the show. We had to ask the receptionist change room. After the shock, I left the Poland and want to puke, as I remind myself it all. This and other things can be in the jungle but in the reserve will be controlled. The project concerns converting the jungles in reserves in Europe and build gardens in Russia. The next stage will be the transformation of reservations in Europe in the gardens. The reserve is not in equilibrium. We must intervene and do from the jungle the reserve that is something that will be under control because there is a marked imbalance. Actually, this is not an imbalance. This is something really serious, leading to the destruction of all animals, living in the jungle. Comes to this, that there are no longer healthy adults. Only the children are healthy but brought up in this environment will be automatically infected sooner or later. Speed of infection depends on how much infected are his parents. Anyway, will have been infected by others in their future. Being healthy individuals will not find place in the jungle. Either will be infected with various diseases (corruption, homosexuality, etc.), or will work for patients as a poor slaves – for piece of bread. Either commit suicide or will be on the street or in their animals mental hospitals. Such is the the wonderful capitalist world created in the dark forever meaningless to individual human jungle. And here is crisis and announcement of end of the world. Well, of course I’m with this my project – I will accomplish this end of the world.