Just to you

A dog bit me in the leg, I can not shave the growing fast beard for several days and take a shower. God pushed me to the very bottom before this important task which I have to do – I have to be a beggar. Do I have to take pictures – here, people see me and can confirm. Cleans me. Dumps me down by different human hands and then the punishment of those who dropped me and do not understand what and why it was. Director of the project office in Poland released me from my work. They did not give me permission to design the architecture. Ill, lost weight, divorced and left the town. I later learned that the director (he did not believe in God) died unexpectedly of brain cancer one month after I was fired from design office in Poland. They did not broadcast this – totally scared. I liked the director. Performed the task and was taken to God, was just no longer needed. In fact, all sequentially in my life was needed to let me lead up to this point the most important. Impact with everything perfectly in God’s wonderful design. How it all you can plan and execute. Fantastic! I will not analyze the topic. I do not know details. When I get to the throne I will know more. I did not know nothing, although He showed me signs. Now I know. Maybe it’s not well, I do. But why were the signs of His? So I found out. What’s next? Without your help, without the help of people on earth, will do nothing. If somebody thinks that God does everything for them and they just are supposed to pray and read Bible is wrong. If it would be so, like you think is not need for me to be here. Either you will understand something of it all, or God will punish you again. You have no way out. The sooner we start the better. Do something to stop my passion. Give me the hand and we will do something wonderful on the Earth. We will save it under my leadership with His help. Everyone must confirm his participation. From this point you begin to believe, want and keep your fingers crossed. God will not do it himself. If someone says it in the church – is wrong. God can only help us or completely destroy if will have no choice!



Embassies and Governments

Dear Madams,
Dear Sirs

I am on the street now. Have no place to sleep. I need get away from here. I do not have a passport. The passport has the owner and is waiting for thousands of euros. I have polish ID and driving licence. I have nothing with me. All I have left in flat. The flat is closed and I have no contact with owner. Tomorrow I ask Police to do something. I do not belive they will do something. In Kyrgyzstan police did nothing and just after I had left the country the bloody revolution started. Why you can not help me start Kingdom of God and stop bad things, avoid punishment. I can be usefull for any country – any continent. Help me, please, immigrate to the U.S., and if this is not possible then to another country. I am a very good engineer and I’ll be fine anywhere. I know of several languages. To Poland do not want to go back, because they keep me there on the street (why?) not giving any job or this time will put me into the homeless shelter or jail. I know why they are doing bad things to me. When I start changes in Poland I must have no mercy. Otherwise all will be spoiled.

Daniel Escareno wrote to me:

You ask me if I have problems with family. Why don’t you tell me? You speak to god. God knows everything. Ask god if I have problems. You ask me if I believe in god. The answer is no. No, I do not believe in god. I think god is a fictional character, created by the church to control its people. It’s all a lie. There is no god. If you want to argue that, I can use you as an example. You’re a pathetic thief trying to steal from people with your lies and sad story. If you really believed in god, you wouldn’t be trying to steal. And if there really was a god, all you would have to do is ask him to help you and not the people of the world. (my comment: I am doing it for people not for myself)
Tell you what buddy, why don’t you send me a picture of yourself so I know that you really are as poor as you claim to be. Take the picture while holding the latest newspaper in front of you, so I know that it’s a real picture of you and that it is a current picture. I don’t believe you. I think you are a thief and a liar. Prove to me that I am wrong.

you sir, are an idiot. you claim to be acting out your god’s intentions and your curse at me. you want me to send you money and you won’t even provide me with a photograph that shows me that you really need my money. i want to see you, dirty, malnourished, living on the street. how am i to believe that you are truly poor and truly in need of help without a photograph of you. you could be wealthy, fat, and well dressed. you could be living in a mansion from the money you have stolen from people who believed your sad story.
i am not giving you SHIT until you prove to me that you are who you say you are. i have no intention of selling your stupid photograph to the newspapers here in the US. the newspapers don’t care about you. i would not make any money from selling your ugly face to the media.
you are a thief. you are a lazy, pathetic, stupid thief. who ever heard of a “King” who has a band and makes movies? seriously? are you THAT dumb?
send me a photograph or other proof that you are who you claim to be or, as you so eloquently put it, FUCK OFF. (my coment: very important – Music – replacement of excitement after taking the drug, movies – the replacement of narcotic dreams. I guess – if you do not have music and dancing take drugs. Why do all these homosexuals from the U.S. want to see me in such a condition as they saw the president of Iraq before the execution. I was sent here by God, and I fulfill my duty. After I have received authority I warn, give them time to leave the country, and send all patients to treatment in Russia. This is not a lie. I swear before God that I will not stop my Teutonic Knights Crusades until purification of Europe. So help me God. Later we get it on for other continents. But you must help me – Show that you want it. See – Sodom and Gomorrah)


You have my resume and you could understand something of all this, but you are a blunt idiot who does not believe in changes and therefore has himself problems. Will have more. You insulted the man appointed by God to act. He should not forgive you that. I am not going kneel on my knees in front of such a miserable lost man like you. Connect these correspondences to my texts, and let people see who they have there in the USA. Will send it immediately to the embassies. I believed that there we have cowboys and country music that I like. Unfortunately, we have people lost, pitiful, ignorant, and who can not to draw conclusions. We have sick people who are vindictive, deceitful homosexuals. Let’s see how long period of time you will be working. You will send me a picture of yourself from the street to the Kingdom and it will be proof that God exists. I am gonna show these texts all. Let the Americans themselves estimate that in their country also needs order to be done. God you will assess. I will have the band and other things. I have to train voice. It’s as if you had a bike. Believe only what you see around you, which is already breaking down, because it is old and stinks. Accustomed to the smell do not want to do anything. You are angry at everything and God. Does not give you anything better. I am giving you a chance. You do not want to spend on even a small portion of your money and persuade others to join the Project now. You buy a beer for this money. You sit and look at American television. You will just this way wait for death. You do not believe that something can help you get out of shit. Do you think that nothing and nobody can do anything. So you sit angry and do not give me anything. This text will go to Americans and to Europe. Maybe something finally will be understand. You insult the God’s chosen man, destined to make the necessary changes on the Earth. You do not believe in God, you feel like a mad dog tied to a doghouse. You do not believe that anything can be changed in your life. You have no future. You need himself care. Hate that you wear on wants to see me humiliated, dying. After these texts Americans with shame will give me their help. Believe that not only have gays in the U.S.? Maybe I’m wrong!


Wieslaw Edward.


I am not going to send my photos ecpecially if man is asking about it with intention to rape me in the newspapers. What a bad gay?

26.06 2012 20:28:55 Daniel Escareno okay. i’m going to give you one final chance to convince me that your cause is a good one and that you deserve my money. go ahead. explain to me more about what you plan on doing.

Hi Daniel,

It’s a long story. I will try to shorten it up. In 2008, when I lost my work at Savant in Kazakhstan (the construction of the Asian Winter Olympic Games Center). They did not want to pay to me my money. I turned to the newspapers and to their government. Editor of newspaper “Caravan,” wrote an article on the whole page -. He had government permission – so he said to me. Then the TV and the prosecutor. Finally it all they interrupted and I got a proposal from Finland go to Kenya for a short contract. After half a year I returned to the girl in Kazakhstan and I myself started writing. Among other things, is on the Internet “Looking for the girlfriend.” Still did not know that someone outside our world of the living contacts with me. Only after next signals I started thinking over my life. About all that happened. Everything seems planned to bring me to what I have to deal – now. Mother’s death(27), the withdrawal of the father, taking over care for my grandmother. I did what I wanted. She allowed to me to everything. Father would not allow the uncontrolled, abnormal for him my development. I was gaining knowledge in all directions. In primary school, a nun slapped me in the face for no reason. Then, when I saw the nuns it was always followed by shortly thereafter my failure. I walked where the doors were shut, or I did not pass the exam at Warsaw Technical University. I did not go to church and like the others did not believe in anything. Now I know that it was God – so to call it wanted to show me his contact with me. He sees what I do. In the last two years, everything started to fall into place. In what I write is also some sort of order and direction. As if God suggested to me subsequent explanations and speeches. As to you now. Someone with whom I have no contact – secret services know in general outline my next steps. It started really from the Knights Cross and the Sword. It was the moment when they realized that it goes according to plan, which they had (from where?). Analyzing the events from my life that I plan to start operations in the autumn of this year. Now I know that it was God – so I call it or Him, wanted to show me His contact with me. He sees what I do. In the last two years, everything started to fall into place. In what I write is also some sort of order and direction. As if God suggested to me subsequent explanations and speeches. As to you now. Someone with whom I have no contact – secret services – know in general outline my next steps. It started really from the Knights of Cross and the Sword. It was the moment when they realized that it goes according to plan, which they had (from where?). Analyzing the events from my life now I plan to start operations in the autumn of this year. Details of my life in the book which will write soon, and will show that we are monitored by God. There is nothing you can do what would be not seen by him. You can not steal, you can not kill. What can you do? You can do different things, but do not cross the limit, which does not bring you back (with big problems) to nature. If a person says – I am gay – and it becomes not only normal but fashionable, you have to stop it – the prohibition. Somebody can drink, but when it becomes regular – you have to be treated. Some sort of of music, the song put me in kind of trance without drugs (have never taken – just guess), I repeat myself, I listen to many times, and that is in order. But when you reach for drugs to move in a trance, you can not live without it, you have to stop. Freedom – controlled. If you start to look at different elements you can say who already needs to stop and be cured. Computer games – shooting and killing. But when we can not live without that (there is a fear that the boy will come out into the street and kill people) stop it and be interested in something else. And this may be one component of treatment. Block and replace something else. Intolerance, anti-Semitism, hate and a whole range of other things. In nature in Europe, we have seasons, hot and cold. Changes in life are in accordance with nature. Only the winter would cause death of plants animals and humans. Return now to what you asked. Crusaders will assess who exceeded the limits of nature and those people will be transported to treatment centers in Russia (there are huge empty land – we will build something there with these patients). Prisons in Europe will be removed. This is sick. The guards are afraid of prisoners who have their people in the outside. Sick need to be far away fro the Europe, and there they will be cured. The idea is to stop and revert to nature. Is not acceptable homosexuality and open the next door – gay marriage, because they want it and we have freedom uncontrolled. Patients are free and can infect others. Healthy, they do have their rights. You can not infect them. If the president gives the freedom of homosexuals that is, allows the spread of disease. You have to release him from office. Uncontrolled freedom led to the crisis and people losing their jobs. Enormous losses – can be analyzed. Freedom, yes! But that’s all you need to control to stay within the limits of nature. I Start a band and I will sing. I will be getting into trance, but I refused to take drugs, because this is the first step to go beyond the limits of nature. We can not introduce bans on drinking (Jesus also drank), dance, singing who brings us into a trance. We can not forbid the company different activities. However, this must be inspected all, lest the crisis came. Everything must go in the direction of development. Everyone wanted Russia (Napoleon, Hitler, etc). Now is the time for me, so I will take her, and rescue the Europe and other continents. God has kept Russia for me. It is time now to make an order. Then we will allowed to do everything what I will want – rapid development. He prepared me and I have knowledge in all fields, which are needed. Everywhere I was trained by Him. Prince and the Pauper this book from which I started to learn English. I have not been the director (and wanted to be, I won almost a few competitions in Poland), because like others I would be sitting quietly waiting for death, drinking beers, watching TV. He prepared me for this job now. But I also am a man, want to be with a woman, enjoy life, in my free time. I will have this band and I will sing with. I will make a movie, because I wanted to do it. I will write a book and so on. I will have the throne, but that does not mean that I will be waiting for advisers. My only adviser is God. Nobody is going to prompt neither Poland nor Russia nor the other. They know it. Them is not to be allowed to do in the future. Just as they not do it now. I am going through purgatory. There is nothing to eat and I have no place to live. But it must be. This is the last stage before the start of this important work. I have to show the general directions. I’m sure it will go where it is needed. If I will not do this nobody will. He decreed me to this. I know that after all His signals. I know that after how all these things impact with the beautiful solutions. God watches over this. Shows punishment of those who have done something bad against me, and rewards those that I wanted to reward. With my help, and God, who is with me we’ll do something, what everyone has been waiting – the order in Paradise. We begin flights to other planets – it is getting crowded here. We protect the the world, thanks to this project. Worth to invest. Is not it?

Best Regards

Wieslaw Edward.

Okay, but what if others don’t believe in your god or in god at all? How can you convince those people that your god is real and that you are not crazy? What proof do you have that god gave you signals? I have to tell you, you’re asking a lot from me and everyone else that you’re asking to help you on your word alone. Tell me more. What songs will you sing when you have a band? What kind of movie will you make? How many followers do you have and what do you call your group?

Convince those who do not believe about my signals from God it would be difficult. They would have to experience it yourself to be convinced. God does not need them to accomplish this task. He needs me. He was preparing me for a very long time. It would be one of the films I would like to make. I would not have a lot of problems try to convince the people like now. Another film I would like to make about Jesus. If I have God assistance believers do not need Jesus and Mahomet any more. So I have a great power. It is only the problem to convince the people. About this God assistance can only secret service say something. They will not believe me and consider me as a crazy man. If they would have information from secret service it would be the first what should be done. Confirmation from other people. If they would ask them from where they have the information it would be the problem for them to answer the question. Only my film and my book would be the best to show everything. But I have no time. I need to take over the throne ASAP. Then I will do the film and we can like the Crusaders had, but without the Crusades, extend religion not only on countries but on the continents. Like, for example, South and Central America. Why secret service is telling nothing. Do they have to keep it covered? Why? It is not time to say it ot it is necessary that I write it and convince people. Maybe I have to do everything. I am familiar with the style of work. Nobody could teach me in the past. I always needed to take a time and analyze using I do not know exactly, my own way of explanation to understand. I was different. What is important anyway? The information have some other people. Not only me. This is very positive and can open the gate. I have a feeling that what I want, I get, after a period of eighteen months. I checked with several previous events. That is way I said I will have the throne soon. They had the information about Crusaders. They have probably next stage. Kingdom of Europe and Russia. Having God with me I can put it all together. Arabs, Christians, religious America. Even rest of the World. They should finally help me. This is great occasion to make new order. I want money from you but it is worthy of your money. And you will go with me since you decide to do it. I have no group. I do not need political party. They are working without God. They need to have his own more or less clever program. I have something what goes beyond the normal frame. But I also go beyond the normal frame, and as you said some people consider me crazy, but not secret services and the people from government having less or more access to information . People who know nothing or want to know nothing, they can not jump over what determines their normal life, they ask me to stop sending information, they just afraid of any changes in their normal not interesting life. I could not find the way of life. I would like to sing my songs which I have still to write. I love American and English songs considered not only by me as the best. There are many interpretations and I will try to find titles now. If I listen to much and and fall into a trance while repeat the same song many times, I am punished later. I do not understand why after unpleasant things happen to me

and I have to suffer.
Melanie – Look What They Done To My Song, Ma, Sophie Ellis-Bextor – Heartbreak, Marc Anthony – I Need To Know, Bob Marley – One Love Jerry Lee Lewis & Kris Kristofferson – Me and Bobby Mc Ghee Janis Joplin – Me and Bobby McGee, kiss and say goodbye – The Manhattans, Drifters – Saturday Night at the Movies The Drifters – Come On Over To My Place, Kris Kristoffersen – Why Me Lord, Precious Wilson – Cry to me Solomon Burke – Down In The Valley Solomon Burke – None Of Us Are Free Solomon Burke – Cry To Me Pulp Fiction “You Never Can Tell”Emmylou Harris – C’est La Vie, Cliff Richard – Good Luck Charm Elvis Presley & Jerry Lee Lewis – Sweet little sixteen Sweet Little Sixteen – The Beatles dave edmunds – I hear you knocking Shakin Stevens I Hear You Knockin, Dean Martin & Nancy Sinatra – Things, Dean Martin Corina Corina, DEAN MARTIN: Memories are made of this. by me, The Drifters – Save The Last Dance For Me, Cliff Richard: Save the Last Dance for Me, Bon Jovi e Willie Deville – Save the last dance for me Bobby Darin – Dream Lover Brenda Lee – Dream Lover Anne Murray – Dream Lover Boney M – One Way Ticket Eruption One Way Ticket HQ Smokie Living Next Door To Alice Creedence Clearwater Revival – Jambalaya Emmylou Harris ‘Jambalaya” Country Classic 70th JOHN FOGERTY – JAMBALAYA Jerry Lee Lewis – Jambalaya.wmv Waylon Jennings – Jambalaya Shocking Blue – 1972 – Jambalaya Smokie – Oh Carol SMOKIE – Oh Carol (Bratislavska Lyra ’83)_HQ Bruce Springsteen-Tougher than the Rest RollingStones ~ Under The Boardwalk ( 1965 ) John Lennon – stand by me Stand By Me – Tina Turner BOB MARLEY – HOTEL CALIFORNIA ELVIS-ONE NIGHT WITH YOU Sway – Rosemary Clooney & Perez Prado Orchestra (W-CLIP DANCING).wmv Pussycat Dolls – Sway HQ NANCY SINATRA & LEE HAZLEWOOD-save the last dance for me Elvis – Memphis Tennessee, Milli Vanilli- Girl, I’m gonna Miss You,Jerry Lee Lewis & Kris Kristofferson – Me and Bobby Mc Ghee.
Many Russian old songs can be interpreted like american songs. Are really very good: ЗЕМЛЯНЕ и Сергей Скачков – Трава у дома – very good new song!!!!, they should go this way! old songs: – Moscow nights/ Podmoskovniye Vechera, Очи Черные – Dark Eyes, Тёмная ночь / Tyomnaja Notch, Kalinka ~ Калинка, Moldavanka, Поручик Голицын / Alexander Maliniб, Катюша, Песенка фронтового шофёра, Надежда Кадышева – Виновата ли , Валенки,Снег лежит, Бирюзовые колечки, Во саду ли, в огороде,Говорят,что я не красива,Выйду на улицу, Ах, судьба моя, судьба, Золотое кольцо – Снег летит, Ukrainien songs very nice – Распрягайте, хлопцы, коней!- I love this song, Кубанский казачий хор – Каким ты был,«Ти ж мене пiдманула»,Бывали дни веселые, Цыганочка,Колдунья,Как хотела меня мать,Задумал да старый дед,И кто его знает, На горе колхоз,Иволга, Маруся раз, два,тр, Мчится тройка почтовая,Ой,полным полна коробушка, дорогой длинною
Эти песни русские красиво звучат. Я их просто обажаю!!! Слушаю как американские без конца наслаждаюсь звуками голосов женщин. Красота. Из этого надо выйти не с американских. Зачем Россияне рап копируют. Из этого выходит мусор. Послушайте как там некрасиво звучит русскй язык. Пьяная болтовня! Я помогу выйти России с всего что плохое! Можна интерпретовать и выйти с ними поза Европу и я зделаю это. Это – eastern country songs – будет нравиться всем. Надо почувствовать красоту романтических русских пространств и чувств русских людей. Никто в Европе так не умеет напевать как частушки и козаки. Европа будет это обажать и петь как сейчас пеет негрийские сонги. Все будут люьить Россию и всё с ней связанное – весь мир!!!! Но в Рассии тоже будем лечить больных котозые заинфэцированы западными болезнями! Но для этого надо любить эту строну и вы её будете любить.