I just wanted to go away and leave it all like Jesus Christ did. Jesus did not die! God saved him! God allowed Jesus go away but does not allow me. Apparently He is confident I will do the Project. American wrote to me. He advised me to read the Bible, because probably I did not read it. He advised me to take the normal work and not this way looking for money. Finally wrote – all your Project has no direction. I have not read the Bible. I’ll write my own book about my life and relations with God. It will be interesting and similiar to Bible. I wrote back – good people, like him, will be moving to me and the evil will leave. And this is the direction he mentioned. I will have the best people. Just us God will help to develop quickly and fly to new planets. The new year will be the first year of a new era. There will be no 2013. American silent after my explanation. He put down his Bible and thinking hard, smoking his pipe. I advised him to stop smoking. Did not send me any money, even the smallest. Does not want to help me. Does not want to help God. Other American suggested me to work in the U.S. and it was the good job. Special services blocked. They help God and force me to the continuation of what I do. Apparently, know I will do it. I have to torture you and convince you further. Without your help will do nothing. Who of you will assist me first? I speak as to the dead, cold stones.

I write these letters and still no results. Why? Do not you believe in God? Do you? If so, you must know that I am working according to God suggestions. You do not believe that I was sent here by him. OK! Ask those who will tell you all about it. They knew that, soon after my birth. These are the special services of …. ….. I have no contact with them and do not need to have it. I do not know who they are. I was in Kazakhstan and called me an agent of England offered a job in Poland. Why should I go back? I did not want. In Kyrgyzstan, they have stolen my documents with luggage and I had to return. After my departure bloody riots. Some people died. And further with them is bad. We will help them, Arabs, South America and others, but I have to start the project! I will not talk about all my discoveries. I went back and now I have to do what I do. God leads me. Just I call him. I myself, did not believe it. If you have believed it you know that I’ll do it for sure. Are you scared? Do not you want? Why? You are all homosexuals, thieves, drug addicts and other bended from nature? Do you like the jungle. Do not you want paradise, and a better life for your children? Do not you want to connect Europe and Russia? Clean up all the problems within the Kingdom of Godwhich showed? Do not you want development? Do you want to rot in this medieval hell? Do you like the swamp with it crisis and homosexuals? People turn to alcohol, drugs. Do not want to know where we are. People go out and shoot, to everything that moves. In shock. Like this Norwegian! Does not know why he did it! We’re loaded. You have to shoot on the computer, watch a film about the killing. For discharge maybe a war with Arabs or, I do not know with whom. I do not know what God intends further to do with you. Certainly is properly angry at you. Take some sort of decision – you have no other option. This is a project I received from God. For those who know, I have a question. Why did not you say to others? How long will I get stupid answers from unconscious readers of the Bible and pastors? What are you afraid? Revolution? In the church? Do not make me laugh? This will not be dangerous. I want to have a normal life. I am a man. I want to marry this month Romina (24). I have lost everything. You want to crucify me? Like Jesus Christ? Finish the case? I am older than Jesus and I have not done contract with God. God will not allow it. You have no way out. Just show everything in the media. Let the good people feel better!

My idea has gained the geographical shapes. Besides Europe and Russia in the Kingdom would be: the Arab countries around the Mediterranean, some countries in the Middle East and countries of the former Soviet Union. Arab countries are former colonies of Europe. Apart from the colonies, Iran and Afghanistan. Besides, Europe’s former colonies in Central and South America would join for the kingdom, like the former British colony now belonging to the United Kingdom. Outside the Kingdom would be countries of UK, United States, other countries in Asia, Africa and Middle East. I understand that the Christian religion and Islam at this time form a serious barrier. The new religion and the new church will be acceptable to the Arabs. First of all, the idea of creation of the Knights of the Cross and the Sword. Purification of Europe. It’s an idea far ahead of the ideas of Islam. Both Christian and Muslim religions were good in the Middle Ages are outdated and not suitable for use today. Therefore the world can not cope with the problems. We have to get out of the Middle Ages, which prevails in all areas of life. This leads to protest and to move away from nature. Therefore, the resurrection of the medieval Crusaders. They have to help to get out of the vicious medieval world. I received a letter from America. Say they have democracy, and my suggestion will not be accepted. My answer was: “God chooses the Kings – presidents also elect thieves and other bad people. Therefore in the country is bad. You must have the King to be admitted under the care of God.” After purification of Europe, the Presidents will be elected by those who should they choose! It will be really good. Believe me!