I will have in the Kingdom of Europe and Russia – Kingdom of God the best people of the West! I will have Steven Spielberg, John Travolta, artists, scientists and others the best from the U.S. and the UK. I do not refer to the presidents who have to accept even the gay marriage in order not to lose the position and money. Abomination. Personally, I am not against lesbians. It’s fault of men. Maybe because I love women. Special services, media will say you nothing about me, because they help to protect the status quo. All are working for these presidents and governments. From the covert paths come more about me. Some bad people from the Church who are against me soon will stand in front of God and will be thrown into the hell like famous airplane with the man who caused my Passion and his hundred companions (A man after a Polish university. He did not understand that what he learned – the law and history are wrong. The next historical step is connecting Europe with Russia rather than further separation. Murderers must be purified here on earth rather than killed and send them to God – He does not want it. Prisons must be derived from Europe, not increase their number. Offenders must be exported from Europe to treatment centers rather than imported from all over the world. The next president elected by the sick people in Poland, believer in church rather than believer in God. He had to meet with Him that everything understand. I will change their history, law, religion and universities). I will not explain everything now (all will be in the book) and I will not give you examples – ask in Poland. I warn them in the name of God, who is standing by my side and supporting me. I will enter the position designated to me by Him. It’s is unavoidable as everything what happens in nature – in the next season of the year will take over my position. I do not think God will withdraw from his plan. For this I was born, after all. I can do nothing. I tried to stay in Kyrgyzstan. I had there even established the company. Just before departure, former little crazy English teacher had stolen my pants from drying room. “Go to the hell” – I said angry to him. The same night he set fire to the apartment. We left the building, observed all from the street, about a hundred people. Reportedly he died in the fire. They said he tried it earlier. He managed that time. I am not a killer! God gave me another His sign. I started seriously thinking what was going on in my life. Secret Service is keeping track of it all the time. Even the grandmother feast they did in Poland on my birthday. Why? I will answer in my book. I asked for support and wrote to all Russian universities. Unfortunately, these people are not avant-garde of contemporary world. They do not help. They only copy the West – music, films, culture and everything possible. From this imitation nothing comes out. Garbage. Vanguard is UK, U.S. and Western Europe in third place. I appeal to the young avant-garde to the people with the future, not to the people misguided in darkness. I personally will lead them out of the darkness! We’ll build something improved, really going beyond present time. At the moment is still very hard to believe and understand for you like all what I try to explain! You must help me now! Also financially. I do it for you, not only for those in Russia. They love you. Therefore I am writing to the U.S.A, UK and Europe. On these confused from the East, for now, I can not count. They are waiting. For me and you? Without money, I will soon die myself. They want to be with you. They pray that you give them a visas and to be able to leave the countries. Their governments do not care. They have their pig’s feed troughs and besides they see nothing. The Kingdom will be also for all people from the West who want to live in it with me. I want to have the good (best) people from USA, UK in Kingdom of Europe and Russia! Film directors, actors, inventors, writers, journalists, teachers, engineers, scientists, athletes and others. I will have them!!! You will see!!! Who will go with me? (Tom Cruise-Jerry Maguire). Even the future wife is thinking hardly and can not decide. How I can marry her without money. Without her I will not go away. I’ll die if not get money from you quickly. I’m on the street. I am going through purgatory. Even the God Himself will not force me! You can print this letter in newspapers. My explanation will be later. Let the good people try to analize – all my sentences – themselves – and think!!! Walking down to the internet cafe I went to church. Older woman who gives me bread, said – Russia will save the world. How does she know? Knows nothing about my project. God has already said it to her? And I’m starving!!! Nobody wants to give me the money! These sick, deviations from nature they want me to be died. I understand them. But, what is with you, who saw themselves as healthy. Why no one wants to join me. Continually do not believe me? Waiting, to some terrible signal, from God, who will convince you. No, you do not mind. You believe it will be fine. In that case, why he sent me here to you? You consider yourselves to be equal to God and you can decide. I wonder what he is preparing for you to make you move out of the error? Waiting for me. All those thieves who have chosen presidents for you, I can not convince. They think only about how much will manage to steal before I enter the throne. Do not look at them, just do something. Not walk just as passive, waiting to be killed animals. Help me!!!