Jungle its cramped conditions has established a limits everywhere. If somebody tells me about a freedom is a freedom like the freedom in prison. In 1968, students in Warsaw demanding freedom. What kind of freedom can be sought in the jungle. Are boundaries that you can no longer go on. There is practically no freedom. There is no way out of the jungle. From time to time God wants to show. Someone go into the streets with a gun and shoots at all. This is another warning. It’s bad. If that’s not enough, we will see you more tragic performances. The Sixties music with English teams is a successful attempt to break certain boundaries, to see where is the boundary of freedom in prison. To calm the situation in Warsaw, the Polish anti-Semitism was used and thus again moved away from the Poland a large group of Jews. pochod_2My friend from school Halina R. Moved to Sweden. A groups of students were transferred to military compulsory a two-year  service and I was among others. Capitalism and communism has created nothing that could be human-friendly. Both structures are hostile to man. Hostile because did not give the freedom of development, similar to the growth of plants in the garden. In the jungle, nothing can be done. It is a structure hostile to all plants, those on top and those at the bottom. Man walks down the street and is killed. Presidents are killed. And that creates a jungle disease on top and bottom. Man walks down the street and is killed. Presidents are killed. And so creates the jungle diseases on top and bottom. Communism did not give money but give opportunity to think about freedom to which they did not know the road. It was then too early anyway. The year 1968 is the year when I was born.0002xw6wnnf5frmr-c317-f3 For now, only such explanation. This is my name 44, and it’s about me, said predictions. We will do it as predicted. Regardless of whether someone wants or does not want. God’s design can not be changed. Already tried in Sodom and Gomorrah something to stop. Were of no avail petitions to God. Not petitions, but submission to the project can save you from bigger losses. In the predictions is also indicate what you should do. Enthrone the divine messenger of God who will be the KIng. There will not help you here the Catholic religion or another. Everything will be changed or improved, just as God pleases. Nothing will help you pray in Catholic churches. Polish pope knew and foretold this earlier some people chosen by God. Polish pope has fulfilled his task, made famous the name of the country of his origin. And so prepared the European Centre for further action in the arena of the world. But not in a Catholic style.  He knew it. Not enthronement of Jesus here is needed. The bells no longer ring in the Catholic church, and at the end you have to understand it. You have escape from  medieval ignorance and understand something that is new and hard to believe. PlPolitechniki1968_1.gifThis is my job to move you out of the darkness. I’m going on the way appointed by God, who opens the gates to me and me prepare to start the project. When they lock my next mail boxes, I have to say that I would gladly threw it all and occupied myself with women and life like other people. Watching my fellow Georgian, which deals with young women, and I envy him. Nobody bothers him. He drank away the money and does not give me for wine now. The Russian from Siberia, with which I live in the room, is another man through whom God shows me Russia. This man does not believe in God, and was by him expelled from Russia and sent to me (on his feet he walked from Siberia two months),he is completely lost. I do not really know from where he arrived where he lost teeth and why looks like an old man sick. He was probably some time in prison. From him so far, I have not received anything. I have given him some things on the start. imagesHe forgot about it. I was starving couple of days, though, in his cupboard were food products. In addition to his food, which he received, he still had food his friend, who organized the illegal trip abroad. Victor from Vologda and Vladimir from Siberia were at the beginning good friends. They cooked each other meals. Not long it lasted. God has shown me Russia by the two men. Both are sick, confused, at odds. Cursed by God, and Russia itself, which suffocates internally with people like them. Victor was an opponent of President Putin. I explained to him that Putin can not do anything for now. It is difficult to treat in the construction of Russia, which is filled with just such people as these two. Victor claimed that Vladimir is an employee of the security services and receives money from there. They sent him here for my head – said Victor  and he did not believe a word of Vladimir. Everything he says is a lie. Victor was not prevented from leaving the Center for Refugees. He left his products in a locked cabinet for people from the staff of Center to the regulation. But Vladimir opened the cabinet and took the products for himself. 195753-10I thought that it will be enough for him for some months. But this is mentally ill person. He showed me a sign of an organization that supposedly belonged  in Russia – a skull and two crossed bones below. He showed me a picture of his ex-wife, a beautiful young woman who supposedly died in a car that exploded in front of his house. All this is not true – Victor claimed. Lie to Vladimir is normal, as for those whom I call rotten feces of communism. I imagine what false information to the security services come from him. Certainly lie, he has to feed me, and thus extorts money from them. Yesterday brought large bag of products. He said that he got this from a woman with whom he met. Very rarely takes a shower and teeth, which him remained, does not wash. They do not have another informer and that is their problem. At the first meeting with him everyone can be fooled. His lie for all is the truth. He asks and gets a piece of bread and money from everyone, even from an older woman, which was completed financial aid. Shamelessly asks me for a piece of bread, which sometimes I can bring from the church. What are you everyone picking in Russia – he asked me once. When I said something about cleaning the weeds of Russia, Victor became aggressive.0002xvzpfw9ngcbl-c317-f3 Vladimir is not aggressive. Lying makes room for him among the people who believe in God. Such people, weeds in the garden, will be separated and directed to treatment centers. They do not want another Russia, but they will not have voting rights. Sick, hypocritical Russia, waiting for me and my Angels help in the Kingdom in Europe and Russia. Now, a little about me. They do not give me the money and force me to take the same slave work in the clothing factory, for people with no education. The salary is not enough for food. Someone wants to stop my destiny, making me a mindless slave. This is someone who does not believe and is not afraid of God, as both sick people Russians. I do not have a woman. I have no money. I have nothing. God moved me away of everything. You can return to the Poland barefoot and without anything. The ticket is not a problem. This information gave me the director of the Center for Refugees, where I live. 1_big.jpgShould not help colleagues from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and fellow from security guards, I do not know what I would do. Allah is watching over me. Two cases I gave prosecutors and wait. The police did not do anything in my case. I ask God to begin his actions, which me raise at the highest ever position in the history of the world. But, as of now, nothing happens. I will need to recover the documents and money and go somewhere. Perhaps to Australia. I found there recently online my first, greatest love, the girl from primary school in Warsaw – Halina R. She is now a professor. And I’m still waiting for my destiny, divine, monumental, exceeding the acceptable limits for human jungle, which I will turn into a garden. But when? Or maybe it’s all not true – it’s just my dream? Maybe it’s not God chooses? Maybe that decides the jungle and there will never be change. The last three sentences is my joke for those who do not believe. Of course I believe in it – based on signals transmitted to me. This is confirmed by predictions additionally. Only this expectation bother me. Need to go, take a job, making money, women, and take a break from it all.