My project foresees to initiate of everything in Poland. Predictions confirm this. Here is one of them – I can see the map of Europe, I see the Polish eagle with a crown. Poland shines like the sun and will radiance all around the world. In the composition of my Kingdom of Europe and Russia will enter among others also Arab countries. Quite recently came to the center, where I live, two boys from Egypt. I did not pay special attention to this, but when I started to look for explanations, the prophecies, I read, among other things, Nostradamus – When Fish will give place to Aquarius and Aquarius will take power, people will find the key to the gate and the gate will be open. Besides, my sign is Aquarius. I was born on January 21. Further prediction – “The key to the gate” is without doubt the mummy of Pharaoh Cheops, while the “gate” is the Great Pyramid, which was often referred to as the “gateway to other dimensions” And that is why God has sent them to me. In addition to that He earlier sent me a black man from Moscow. descarga-1Christian is a Catholic, comes from Congo Brazzaville, was in Moscow three months and he decided to come to Moldova. I wanted someone who I could talk to using French language. Then God has sent me another black man from Kiev. Michael was in Ukraine about a year and also comes from the Congo but Kinshasa. Then another black man from Nigeria arrived in the Center for Refugees. I have read something there, in the prophecies about a war and that helped blacks at the and. I can not find that information again. Maybe you will find it. More people here did not come to the Center. All those who come here are linked to my project in some way. This is how God wants me to prove that what I do is import_ant, it was envisaged earlier, in His program for the planet. It is a pity that nobody wants to help me. Maybe still is time, together we could stop natural disasters, being prepared by God. I will have once again to write to the prosecutor. Pick up my passport. muzey02.jpgGirl will give into the hands of the prosecutor. I did not give a girl two thousand euros for one night in bed. I received a letter from the prosecutor’s office that I have made her gifts. Do not make me laugh, people. I’m not an idiot. I want only you solve two things – this girl for me and work here in my profession. Have given the girl proposal the solution of the problem. Has no contact with her. Extorting money under the pretext of marriage, in Moldova is not regarded as an crime? I explained that maybe not enough to the prosecutor. I’ll do it again and maybe this time will be clear, what I want. I want my passport and other documents, and I will go. The girl has not cash so she can not give my money back. But she can work in my bed. It is the solution what I appreciate. After all it’s easy. Moldova wants me to go out and never came back, after all, what happened here? I still do not have money, they do not want help me. Nobody wants help me. God also is silent. How long do I still to wait? Maybe the Secret Service know more.rivne_na_meji_2011_all-30_1.jpg Ask them if you want. Maybe is something what we can change, and maybe God will have no need to destroy and kill. Well it would be good if someone has understood something. Some predictions do come true, we have examples. Now I compare everything what God shows me and see that it will not be my fun. It all will happen. Can you call it destiny, my, Polish, the world, and your personal life. Finally wake up and think about earthquakes floods and other disasters, which have touch you and your children. Do something to prevent this, if you are not complete idiots and do not like true horror movies with you in leading roles. You still have time, but not much. I think that this whole thing will take place this winter. This is what has to be, and so it will be. Without your consent, without a votes and your choices. It has been established beyond planet Earth. Wake up now. Later, you wake up out of Earth, like the others died.